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If you are interested in Vankru Performance Coaching and would like further information please email us your enquiry. Or request a call back by telling us your name, telephone number and a convenient time to call you.


In addition to our coachings services, we can also conduct Functional Threshold Power (FTP), Maximum Aerobic Power (MAP) and Ramp tests for you to use for your own training plans. If you would like any information regarding testing, please contact us.


Myles - Bike fit and Coaching client

I’m a typical 40 something male who has been swept up in the road cycling boom of recent years. Almost 3 years ago I bought a bike from a local bike shop which was poorly fitted and came with completely inappropriate gearing. Needless to say it wasn’t long before my right knee exploded and I was unable to walk, let alone ride.

On the recommendation of a great physio I saw Garth for the first time for a bike fit. Garth made adjustments to my position, changed the pedals and gearing which immediately allowed me to get back on the bike. On follow up visits to Garth he assessed my flexibility and fitness to then adjust my bike position further.

Garth is always interested in the riding I’m doing and passes on gems of information to help. Almost a year ago I took a new winter bike to get fitted. I spoke of my plans for this year with some hugely over-optimistic targets for a few events and a 4.5 day ride across the Pyrenees. Before I knew it I was booked in for an FTP test and was following a training plan!

The plan was based on the time I could put in. Some on the turbo, some out on the road. At first I thought it wasn’t hard enough, I wasn’t expected to go to my limit which I soon realised meant that I didn’t over-train, get injuries or become ill and was always ready for the next training session. Garth would send me links to fantastic articles which allowed me to understand overtraining and how to ‘listen’ to my my body and some of the theory behind the training. Garth analysed my training which I uploaded online and made adjustments accordingly.

This year I entered the events mentally strong knowing I had prepared in a way that I simply could not have done without a coach. Garth’s program got me to peak physically just at the right time. Not just a tapering-off the week before, but boosting my form just at the right time. I smashed my targets and the trip across the Pyrenees was so much more enjoyable because I had trained correctly for it.

Regardless of the time you are able to commit to training, having Garth as a coach will maximise that time. It really is so much more effective than simply putting in the miles. I can’t recommend him highly enough.


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