P. Stott

The result for me has been nothing short of incredible and a complete revelation. Before the fitting I was booked for hip impingement surgery; the fitting has been such a success I cancelled the surgery appointment. I am now a complete evangelist for their service and can't recommend Garth and the team enough!"

I arrived at their studio suffering from pain in my right hip which had got significantly worse over the preceding months to the point that I could not cycle more than 50K without great discomfort; not an ideal situation as my chosen cycling is long distance Audax events and I had plans for riding the London Edinburgh London audax this year. Despite the fact that the studio walls are adorned with Jerseys signed by various champions I was made to feel completely at home with my steel bike and not so lithe physique! Garth and the team are passionate about cycling; whoever you are and whatever you might be doing on a bike and at whatever level. I had signed up for the full Precision Fitting and spent a fascinating 3+ hours with Garth being put through my paces off and on the bike. I thought I was already in a pretty good bike position, not having changed it for years from a fit elsewhere, but after the full analysis Garth made significant changes to my bike setup and shoe cleat position. I have to say I was a little sceptical! I was then told to go away and ride, ride and ride some more to get used to the new position. It did feel like I was riding someone else's bike but after about 4 weeks it felt like my bike again and most importantly I had NO aches or pains; NONE, even on rides upto 160K in length. As a bonus I am also clocking PB's on my usual Strava segments! On my follow up visit we made some further minor changes to my bike and shoes to get me completely 'dialled-in'.

Annie S.

An amazing morning at Vankru Cycling getting a proper bike fit. You don't need to be a pro to benefit. Amazed at the differences already and how lovely and supportive the guys are there. Recommended! 


Thanks for the bike fit. Great news is I did a 50miler on the Sunday. No pain in the knee 😀 First time since before London. 


I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for the bike fit. The pain in my left extender muscle has completely gone already and the position changes have really improved my overall endurance/comfort.

Richard P.

Like most avid cyclists; over the years I have spent £000s… chasing gains with some success but more generally diminishing returns.  My Precision fitting however was quite the opposite and the returns more than justified the cost!  

The fitting session revealed that I wasn’t using one of my legs properly and despite many many articles read, my saddle and bars position was not quite right for me.  VanKru got me sorted: after 3 or 4 rides getting used to the new position the performance rewards have been quite staggering. Power, speed and just as importantly, comfort were all vastly improved.  £ per watt and comfort; this is the best money I have spent on anything cycling related!


Thanks for a great session. Really felt like I got a lot out of it , and will be recommending to cycling/triathlete friends.

So far so good - saddle sores seem to be better and hip flexor seems better - so great start - training is going well.


Hi Garth, thanks again to you and Mark for the bike fit sessions I attended 29th March and 4th April. I'm pleased to report no more knee or wrist pain despite my riding increasing now the better weather is (was) here. I did my first 100km sportive (Jurassic Beast) earlier this month and was back on the bike the next day too.


Travelled just about the length of the country to get to Vankru, choosing here based on reviews and reputation! It was definitely worth it!! The amount of detail Garth and Mark look at is incredible. Nothing feels rushed or forced, the whole experience is like having your bike-fit completed by an old mate! Went with my TT bike, having never had a bike fit before (which I really should have done based on my problematic feet and ankles), and after hitting a brick wall with trying to raise my power numbers. Following body examination and all the different aspects Garth is looking for on the bike, adjustments were made to both bike and shoes. My power numbers shot up straight away, as well as the comfort level too! Looking forward to receiving the report with numbers/measurements; it will be my bible for any TT bikes I get in the future! Can’t thank you guys enough!! Next season should be really interesting after these changes..!! (Already trying to persuade the missus to join on another 350 Mile trip so I can get fitted on the road bike too).


I've had my follow up appointment today and can't stress enough how much thought and effort went into making sure my bike was set up properly. The guys really know their stuff, you won't regret going to them for your bike fit.


I was always sceptical about high end bike fits but Garth has transformed my cycling. Back and knee pain were gone after my first visit and further tweaks have enabled me to cycle further and climb better. Can't recommend Vankru enough.


I went to see Garth and Mark to tune my TT bike position as I'd just initially guesstimated it. Wow, is all I can say. Saddle up and back, shorter stem, aero bars angled and brought back, plus a few other tweaks. The change was immense, and I'd never felt so comfortable in the aero position. This was just a few weeks before my first full Ironman and being able to stay aero for almost all the time contributed to a pretty fast bike split. I've subsequently done a 70.3 and probably spent less than three minutes on the base bars. I can't recommend these guys enough.


Spent a great 4 hours with the guys from Vankru a couple months ago, they set me up on both my mountain bike and road bike. I have definitely found I can ride further and more comfortably, I had spinal surgery 5 years ago and as a practising chiropractor getting my bikes set up correctly was very important, and I was genuinely impressed with the in depth anatomical knowledge the guys used during my bike fit. Highly recommend.



It's official! 35 miles and back in love with my bike after my Vankru bike fit. Thank you!


Rode bike today and can't believe the difference. Highly recommend, will definitely use again. 10/10 superb.



Spent 3 hours with this morning, going thorough an assessment & a good number of bike & position tweaks made. Did my usual 40 mile loop in the South Downs this afternoon & was delighted. Better power delivery, positioning much more comfortable and none of the usual twinges in my back or pain in my hands & feet. Picked up my average by 2mph, sure it's not a coincidence! As an added bonus Mark is great at wrapping bar tape too..! Would absolutely recommend these guys to anyone looking to get the most out of their bike. Way better money spent than any shiny upgrades on the bike.


Garth and Mark made me feel really comfortable during my bike fit yesterday!! Made some changes and headed out today for 20 miles (recovering from knee surgery) smashed 5 mins off my time and felt great!! My only complaint is that I didn't feel like I rode hard because no post ride back/neck pain, sore hands or feet!! Feel cheated!! Great work guys you made my bike feel so comfortable to ride!! Xx


Had my second bike fit with Vankru last week and back in yesterday to try a new stem so my Giant TCX is all ready for the start of the Cyclocross season in a few weeks. The knowledge of Garth and the subtle changes he makes are so important and definitely allow you to get the most out of your body.A bike fit with Vankru is one of the best upgrades you can buy for your bike.


I just wanted to say a big thank you for all your help in diagnosing knee issues I had with the set ups of my two bikes (the Canyon Ultimate road bike and Trek 7500 hybrid). Following the follow-up fit on Wednesday of last week where a number of changes were again made to the road bike set-up I completed a 103mile sportive yesterday with absolutely no discomfort or pain from either knee either during or after the ride!


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