Professional Bike Fitting Services

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We believe bike fitting is the essential part of creating harmony between rider and bike. As avid cyclists ourselves, we understand the demands of the sport on the human body and dedicate our time to researching and indentifying ways to increase efficiency and comfort, limit stresses and prevent injury.

We utilise the latest bike fit and cycling analysis technologies as well as years of experience, to measure, monitor and record the changes we make. However: It's Not The Tools, It's The Person Using Them!

In order to match you to the most suitable level of service, we have given some details below to help you choose. If you are still unsure what to book, or would like to discuss specific requirements please email us with your enquiry or request a call back.

Precision bike fit £210.00

This is our most in-depth bike fitting service. Suited to riders doing more than 5 hours per week and recommended to help with significant or multiple riding discomforts, medically diagnosed or chronic injuries. It is also ideal for performance and endurance athletes and for positional fine-tuning. A session includes a thorough interview, structural and muscular assessment and exercise screening. We'll utilise the latest analysis technology to accurately assess your current riding position and evaluate changes throughout the session. Cleat and shoe adjustment is included.


Classic bike fit £120.00

Our classic bike fit is conducted largely by eye using our experience and some technology. Best suited for riders doing less than 5 hours per week and recommended to help with mild discomfort in one area of their riding. A session includes an interview, posture and flexibility assessment. We then closely observe you riding on a turbo trainer at varying effort levels to identify areas of adjustment required to improve the overall comfort and efficiency of your riding position. Cleat and shoe adjustment is included.


New Bike Advisory £210.00

Looking to treat yourself to a new machine? We're here to help you choose the very best bike for you! During an initial 2 hour appointment we will carry out a Classic Bike Fit on your current bike (or our studio bike upon request) to ensure you are in your optimum riding position. We then spend 30 minutes going through your shortlist of potential bikes, highlighting which will best suit your physiology and riding needs. (Additional bike choices may require extra consultation time).

This booking includes a second, 1 hour appointment to fit the new bike.


Aero Virtual Windtunnel Testing.


or £150.00 added to a bike fit.

A rider creates up to 80% of the total drag, so this is where we can help to make you as fast as possible.

Using a virtual wind tunnel allows us to measure CdA (drag) in real-time, combined with power data we can calculate speed and time on the road, then test various changes in position to increase speed, comfort and save you energy. A session also includes a thorough interview, structural and muscular assessment, exercise screening and cleat and shoe adjustment.


Muscle Activation Analysis

£50.00 added to a Bike Fit or Aero Testing.

Wearable tech, measuring the electrical activity of the muscles using electromyography (EMG).

This gives us the insight into exactly how you're using your main leg muscles throughout the pedal stroke, and how this is affected by riding position.

Identifing which muscles are over active or underactive, left and right imbalances as well as hamstring or quadricep dominance to improve your workload distribution, reduce strain to individual areas and reduce the required muscle activity for the same power output, making you more efficient.

Also a great running analysis for triathletes and duathletes.

Available in small, medium and large size shorts, catering for riders 55 - 90kg, waist size 27 - 37inch.


Exercise Screening


Functional Screening for cyclists, triathletes and runners looking to improve overall athletic performance or day-to-day strength and condition.


Why consider a Screening?

Prehab: To ensure you are ready to train effectively, maintain proper exercise function and avoid injuries caused by poor movement repetition. If you're taking up a new sport, or significantly increasing your training, a screening would be a great first step.

Rehab: To aid the recovery process involved in returning to sport from an injury. By understanding any limitations caused by the injury, as well as compensations your body may have made, helping you to return to full fitness and reduce your chances of reinjury.

Performance: Gain insight into your athletic function and identify areas of weakness or imbalance to make improvements in your performance in your chosen sport and to gain and find that edge over your competitors.

Well-being: Postural dysfunction caused by repetitive stresses such as work and home life can lead to everyday discomfort and pain. By highlighting potential issues early, you can make plans to remain healthy and pain free.

The report can also be shared with your Physio/Osteopath/Chiro/Personal Trainer etc.

Your results can be replayed and compared instantly and makes for incredibly consistent and repeatable assessment, even over separate visits.

Sports Massage £35.00 for 1hr.

A professional massage is a great way to relieve muscle tension and aid soft tissue repair. It is also an effective method of reducing pain associated with tightness and improving joint mobility. Massage treatments can greatly compliment our bike fit services; targeted massage therapy can speed up the adaptation to your new riding position, improve posture and and help to restore soft tissue function. We are fully qualified in sports massage and soft tissue therapy and are happy to discuss the best treatment for you.


Bike Fit Pricelist:

Precision Bike Fitting:

£210.00 - Single bike - 3 hrs

£310.00 - Two bikes - 4.5 hrs

£360.00 - Single bike + Aero Testing - 4.5 hrs

Classic bike fitting:

£120.00 - Single bike - 1.5 hrs

£210.00 - Two bikes - 3 hrs

£270.00 - Single bike + Aero Testing - 3.5 hrs

New Bike Advisory inc. Classic bike fit:

£210.00 - 2 hours + 1 hour - includes setup of new bike once purchased

Aero Optimisation:

£210 - 3 hrs

£150 added to a Bike Fit

Shoe/cleat fitting:

£80.00 - 1 hr

Additional appointments:

£40.00 per 1hr

Unsure what to book? contact us.

* All prices include VAT.

Elite athletes we have helped:

Members of the Vitus Pro Cycling Team: 2019

Members of the Swift Carbon Pro Race Team: 2019

Members of the NoPinz Elite Race Team.

2018/9 Morvelo-Basso Elite Race Team.

2018/9 Six Day rider Stephen Bradbury.

2017 National & European Masters Criterium Champion Ken Buckley.

2016 Duathlon age group World Champion.

2016 European Duathlon Champion.

Rio 2016 Paralympic Silver Medallist Lauren Steadman.

Rwanda U23 National Road Cycling team.

2015, 2x World Triathlon Series Winner Vicky Holland

4 x British National Mens CX Champion: Ian Field.

British National Womens CX Champion: Helen Wyman.

2 x UK Landspeed Record Holder Ken Buckley.

2013 Duathlon World Champion.

2013 World Long Course Triathlon Champion.

2013 European Long Course Triathlon Champion.

Matrix-Prendas Women's Professional Cycling Team

2x 2011 UK Ironman Series Champion.

2011 2nd Overall team / UK record holders RAAM.

UK 24hr Time Trial Team Champions.

Masters National Road Champion: Martin Smith.

Velo29 Elite Cycling Team.