Welcome to our Online Consult Guide. Here we've outlined the necessary steps and short example videos to record prior to your online appointment. The more you can provide the better. We have highlighted the minimum requirements as well the ideal additional footage.

This service costs £80.00. You will not be charged until we have successfully received your first set of videos.

Then we will:

  • Review these initial videos and suggest some initial changes.
  • Request some further video of the revised setup from 1-2 key angles.
  • Repeat until we are both happy with the overall setup.
  • We can include up to 40mins of video calling to discuss any particular issues or talk you through things.

Once you have your videos to hand, we will send a "File Request" which allows you to easily upload all the videos privately to us. If you have any questions please email [email protected] or message us directly on Facebook or Instagram.

Video from Side - Required

1. Riding in an upright position (Hands on the tops of the bars/Basebar for TT bikes), looking forward, medium effort and comfortable gear selection. 10-20 secs

2. Main riding position (Hoods with hands into brake levers/Extensions for TT bikes). Medium effort and comfortable gear selection. 20 secs. Then increase gear selection (slower cadence) and hard effort for 20 secs.

3. Hands in to drops, reaching for brakes. Medium effort and comfortable gear again. 10-20 secs. (Road bike only)

Video from Front and Back - Additional ideal

4. Riding with hands on hoods, into brake levers, looking forward. Medium effort.

4.1. Riding in to drops, reaching for brakes. Medium effort.

Video Exercises - Required

5. Standing and looking forward, from front and back.

5.1. Bending to touch toes - viewed from the side.

5.2. Squats - from the front. Feet hip width apart, feet straight or slightly heel-in. Slow and deep as possible. 8 reps

Video Exercises - Additional ideal

6. Single-legged knee bend / single-leg squat. 6 per leg.