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Some background of my experience as a bike fitter:

Retul was founded in 2007.

I have been personally trained by Todd Carver (founder of Retul),

Matt Steinmetz (Retul's head fitter and now of 51 Speedshop) and John Dennis (Retul's European Instructor) at the first ever European Retul University Course in 2010. This has established me as one of the longest qualified Retul fitters in Europe.


# Top 10 Bike Fitters in the UK by Cycling Weekly, in 2013.


More recently I have been on an aerodynamics course hosted by Alphamantis and Retul.


In early 2013, I became one of 4 Master Retul Bike Fitters in Europe and the first one in the UK.


In 2014 I completed the Cyclefit bike fitting course, which included detailed work on the foot, shoe, pedal interface.


In the autumn of 2014, I was asked to give a lecture on bike fitting by Southampton University.


In 2015 I completed the BikeFit course run by the bike fit legend, Paul Swift.


I have competed on the road and track for over twenty five years, including as a semi professional rider in Italy.


Clients whom I have helped improve their positions include:

2 X 2015 World Triathlon Series Winner (Cape Town and Edmonton): Vicky Holland

The UK Landspeed Record Holder, Ken Buckley

2016 European Duathlon Champion

2013 Duathlon World Champion.

2013 Long Course Triathlon World Champion.

Professional triathletes.

Sportive riders.

2013 European Long Course Triathlon Champion.

Male and female National Elite cyclo-cross champions.

Matrix-Prendas Ladies Professional Cycling Team.

International World Cup Track Riders.

2011 Double UK Ironman Champion.

2nd Overall team and UK record holders at the 2011 RAAM (Race Across America).

Winners of the team competition at the UK 24hr Time Trial Championships.

Masters National Road Champion.

Velo29 Elite Cycling Team.

Various GB Age Group Triathletes.



We at Vankru are passionate about what we do and the expertise we provide, and so are continually researching and developing our knowledge in order to help our clients achieve their potential.

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"The most cost effective

upgrade you can make to your ride."


We receive many referrals from medical experts, helping clients wtih:



  • Leg length discrepancies.

  • Scoliosis.

  • Pelvic rotations and tilts.

  • Limitations in joint range ie. knee, hip.

  • Muscle and joint pain and injuries.

  • Saddle discomfort.